Who we are

TBG is the Cleared People Company.  We are experts in supplying the top People for Intelligence Programs. The Best People working on the Best Programs.

Aesop’s Moral: A man is known by the company he keeps.  At TBG we think the same of businesses.  The quality firms dedicated to People work together.  TBG partners with our Clients, dedicating ourselves to the delivery of quality People, in support of their critical Intelligence Programs.  Eighty-percent of our clients are with us for over five years.  It is for this reason we claim that TBG is the Company You Keep.

What we do

We supply People; not just any People, but the top People with the highest security clearances.  We are able to staff 100’s of poly level technical positions.

How Can We Help

Cleared People Why Us? Capabilities

Cleared People

TBG delivers Cleared People; primarily full-scope polys. Its what we have done for over a decade and what we can do for you.  Because this service is so unique and so valuable to our clients, it is why we say, TBG is the Company You Keep.

Subcontracting Temp to Perm Recruiting/Staffing

TBG are Cleared People experts! We work with our clients just like other subcontractors.

Buller Group Solutions (wholly owned subsidiary of TBG, BGSolutions) holds a facility clearance, has current BGSolutions employees deployed within the Intelligence Community as subcontractors and has access to thousands of the best People in the business. Other benefits to our clients include:

  • Nearly 100% certainty of 100% staffed Program
  • Large and sustainable supply of quality candidates over short periods of time
  • The more BGSolutions subcontractors the higher the Volume Discount
  • Flexible pricing solutions for our clients

TBG offers a temporary-to-permanent (Temp2Perm) alternative in conjunction with our Subcontracting work. Our firm is able to staff numerous positions for prime contractors and convert them to our prime contractors’ payroll over time. Our typical conversion time frame is 12 months with no conversion fees.

If our clients desire personnel to be hired directly to their payroll, we can accomplish that through our recruiting/staffing division. TBG will provide the fee for service recruiting for our clients. If used in conjunction with our other solutions, TBG can guarantee hires.

The Buller Group, LLC has delivered thousands of the highest cleared professionals to our clients over the last decade.  In fact, in December 2013 TBG issued a press release announcing its 3,000th poly placement.  See our Insights section to understand our firm’s decade-long past performance and multiple case studies.

  • Increase your PWIN by teaming with TBG
  • Know that you will fully staff your program
  • Flexible fee and service arrangements
  • A decade of successful past performance

Our firm has been highly successful in repeatedly placing 100’s of Cleared People over the last decade. We believe we are the most capable firm in solving large quantities of highly Cleared People and openings. Please visit our Capabilities section to understand more about our firm’s successful past performance.


Rob Buller
Chief Executive Office, Founder

Mr. Buller is the Chief Executive Officer and Founder of The Buller Group, LLC. Prior to this, Mr. Buller was the Chief Operating Officer and SVP of publicly traded firms, built several companies from scratch and is an accomplished entrepreneur. With his team, he has built TBG into the leader in supplying cleared talent to the Intelligence Community.