About TBG

The Buller Group, LLC was started in 2002 by a highly successful entrepreneur, Rob Buller. Over the last decade, Mr. Buller led the development of the most successful cleared recruiting business in the market. In January of 2014, TBG had 50 recruiters.

From this significant capability, he acquired a business and launched BGSolutions (wholly owned). BGSolutions today is a teammate of major government (primes) contractors on over 20 Intelligence programs.

  • Headquartered in Reston, VA
  • Registered small business
  • CAGE Code and facility clearance
  • Partnered with Fairfax County Economic Development Authority, see our COMPANY SPOTLIGHT


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Top 5 Government Contractor had 30 Sold & Funded, Dedicated Intel positions open that it wanted filled.

TBG became a subcontractor and filled these positions within 5 months. From this ‘base’ TBG is able to offer the Client a Volume Discount on other services including recruiting. TBG expects to help Client secure (its own W2) at least a hire a month going forward. Read More

A young Government Contractor with only 50 people wanted to grow to a large size and sell the business. They wanted to outsource recruiting/staffing.

TBG won the competition and within just the first 60 days helped the Client secure 30 offers/accepts. Over the next 4 years TBG would help the Client grow to 350 people. That Client recently sold to a Top 20 Government Contractor. Read More

Top 10 Government Contractor was a sub on a large Virginia customer contract. They wanted to be a prime, but needed to show the customer they could acquire the appropriate quantity and quality of talent in short time frames.

TBG created a mini-RPO (outsource recruiting unit) for a one-year project. In the year, TBG generated 385 FSP technical interviews and 153 Offer/Accepts. The Client was successfully made a Prime! TBG is currently a subcontractor with this Client today. Read More

Top 5 Government Contractor required assistance in staffing out two areas: Palo Alto and Goodyear, Arizona. These were PhD-level, technical roles.

TBG successfully secured top talent in gaming theory, mathematics and algorithms and FPGA chip designers. Some of these professionals are celebrating their 10 year anniversary with the Client today. Read More

Top 10 Government Contractor was bidding on a 250 person RFP in Afghanistan and required assistance in securing these professionals

TBG was originally suppose to secure 100 professionals with Letters-Of-Intent within a 60 day period. TBG performed so well the Client asked TBG to keep going and we successfully secured 154 LOI’s for the bid. The Client won the bid. Read More


Top 20 Government Contractor had 200 perpetually open Intelligence positions they wanted to fill

The Buller Group (TBG) did an audit of the positions with the hiring managers and found that only 120 of these were actually sold and funded. Of those 120 there were only 90 that were dedicated to the Client. TBG filled these 90 CI and full-scope polys across both Maryland and Virginia customers within 6 […] Read More