With over a decade of experience and having placed our 3,000th poly in December of 2013, TBG is extremely capable of helping our clients staff their most difficult Intelligence programs.  Some other accomplishments of note for TBG, which demonstrates our Intelligence Staffing capabilities:

  1. Placed on average 100 FSP a year for major Intel player, for 4 years straight
  2. Generated 350 FSP interviews and 150 offer/accepts in 12 months
  3. Helped grow a major GovCon firm (recently sold) from staff of 80 to 400 in 4 years
  4. Placed our 3,000th poly December 2013
  5. Placed 10% of Top 5 GovCon Polys during 12 months
  6. Placed 95 FSP and CIPolys over 1 year
  7. In one evening had 70 FSP’s to an event which 25 offers were made