Not enough cleared People exist today. Not enough People are being cleared each year. The Intelligence Community is facing a critical shortage of People. TBG was built to help!


Our clients are all different. They need flexible pricing and service models. At TBG, we provide our clients with the people they need at the prices they can afford.


TBG believes there is a Cleared People Supply Chain that starts with the Cleared Demand-side: RFP responses, Bids and/or Program Awards. How then do firms acquire the talent they need to staff the programs? The Cleared Supply-side has been undervalued and currently exists as a cost-center called Talent Acquisition or Recruiting within most businesses. Within the Cleared market, normal successful talent acquisitions processes do not typically work.

TBG is the disruptive Solution to the Cleared People Supply problem. Over the last decade, TBG has developed a secret sauce for acquiring cleared talent. Let us put that asset to work for you. By leveraging our extensive recruitment solution TBG is able to provide the top talent to our clients.

For more information on the Supply Challenge please watch our video. If you’d like to learn more about the shrinking supply, please also read the Annual Report on Security Clearances.